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Next-Generation Digital Energy Performance certificates (EPC) - User requirements and needs

The Project Next-generation Dynamic Digital EPCs for Enhanced Quality and User Awareness, (D^2EPC) ambitiously aims to set the grounds for the next generation of dynamic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for buildings. The proposed framework sets its foundations on the smart-readiness level of the buildings and the corresponding data collection infrastructure and management systems. It is fed by operational data and adopts the ‘digital twin’ concept to advance Building Information Modeling (BIM), calculate a novel set of energy, environmental, financial and human comfort/wellbeing indicators, and through them the EPC classification of the building in question. Under the project vision, the proposed indicators will render dynamic EPCs a realistic, accurate and comprehensive tool that can lead the transformation of the European building stock into zero-energy buildings and stimulate energy efficient behavioural change of the building occupants. The D^2EPC framework will be demonstrated in 6 sites, while its 12 partners coming from 7 European countries will collaborate and provide their expertise and resources within the 36 months of the project’s lifetime.

EPCs could be employed as a transparent information tool and act as a decision-making criterion on energy efficiency property improvements, by providing recommendations for the cost-effective or cost-optimal upgrading of the energy performance. Building owners, occupiers and mostly real estate stakeholders are among the most important information sources regarding energy performance in the EU’s building stock.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to define the need and requrirements of the usrs as well as the user acceptance of the new elements of the next generation Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). For this purpose, this questionnaire was prepared. We would like to have your feedback in order to identify challenges and limiting factors that accompanying them.

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