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PRECEPT – End-user requirements and needs Questionnaire

  • The purpose of this questionnaire is to define the need and requirements of the end-users concerning the monitoring and controlling of building systems in dwellings. The responses will be used as a base for the development of the PRECEPT solution
  • The interviewees will be the stakeholders who belong to Role of ‘Directly or indirectly affected parties’(owners, users and real estate agents of dwellings)

The sections of the questionnaire cover the main objectives of PRECEPT:

Section Target
1: Building Management Systems (BMS)

The section aims to investigate the following with regards to building management systems in dwellings:

  • Current status of BMS implementation
  • User’s willingness to adopt BMS in their dwellings
  • Preferred functions of BMS in dwellings
2: Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

This section aims to examine the following with regards to renewable energy sources in dwellings:

  • Current status of RES implementation
  • Current control practices of RES
  • Preferred functions with regards to control of RES
3: Maintenance and Fault Detection

This section aims to examine the following with regards to maintenance and control of building systems in dwellings:

  • Current practices/tools for implementation of maintenance and control
  • Willingness of adoption of autonomously operated systems
4: Indoor air quality and thermal comfort conditions

This section aims to examine the following with regards to Indoor air quality and thermal comfort conditions in dwellings:

  • Current and preferred practices for the regulation of indoor air quality and indoor thermal conditions


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